Winter Update

Clear Sky have been busy during the first part of the winter (just the way we like it!) We have completed a lot in the past few months from: fuel training to independent de-icing audits.

New Qualification

Congratulations to Darren & Justin for completing their DAQCP auditor training at Munich and check rides at Dublin, London Heathrow and London Gatwick, now airlines will be sending plenty of DAQCP / IFQP work their way, with the first being in Switzerland in a few weeks’ time for bmi regional. Darren has already completed independent fuel & de-icing audits at Manchester, East Midlands & Norwich.


Apprentice Daniel commenced work on the 30th September and has settled in well and busy assisting and completing his business NVQ modules as well as helping Amy with all aspects of the business (accounts, travel, training documents etc).


The introductory fuel training video has been completed and will be used in the training modules in the New Year and thank you TAG at Farnborough and AVP video productions.

Where have our auditors / trainers been?

DAQCP/ Independent

We have been completing DAQCP audits and are well on our way to getting our 50% target by January, we have also visited: Dundee, Edinburgh, Norwich, Shetlands, Outer Hebrides, Manchester, Chester & Bristol.

De-icing training:

De-icing training has been completed at Air Tanker at Brize Norton - this means that the RAF are able to respond to any calling worldwide with their support aircraft ( mid air refuelling A330 and logistics) all year round even in the winter.

Prestwick Airport have also received de-icing training so that if we do get a white winter all of the passengers will be able to safely get to their families and friends.

De-icing training has been completed at Tag Aviation at Farnborough for the GA jet traffic.

Eastern airways have received deicing training in the Shetlands. This is important to connect the islands to the mainland as the main gateway to the Shetlands is through its ports and airports and the de-icing training allows aviation operations to operate safely in the winter conditions.

Iceland Rig training:

Paul has been in Iceland carrying out De-icing Rig training for the last 10 days.

Fuel audit training:

Monarch fuel farm auditors visit at Luton.

Continuation Training and ARC:

With the assistance of Paul Stevens we have completed engineering continuation & arc training for Jet Deck at Farnborough, this is the first time we have worked with Jet Deck and we look forward to working with them again in the near future.

DHL Air Part 145 Line Compliance Audits & Aircraft Exterior Wash Audits:

Sevilla, Victoria, Madrid, Ciampino and Barcelona.

Looking to the Future

DHL Air Part 145 Audits at Barcelona, Copenhagen & Stuttgart.

DHL Air IFQP fuel inspections at Rome.

DHL Air DAQCP audit in the US (CVG)

Air Astana DAQCP audits at Kazakhstan.

Cityjet DAQCP audits in Sweden.

bmi regional DAQCP / IFQP audits at Sweden, Denmark, Scotland & Switzerland.

Eastern Airways DAQCP / IFQP audits in France.

Cal Cargo IFQP inspections in Cyprus.

Independent Loganair fuel and de-icing audits at Norwich, Manchester, Leeds Bradford, Inverness & Kirkwall.

Co-ordination of the next scheduled DHL Air IOSA audit.


Another new opportunity with East Midlands trains is planned for the future and we hope to deliver human factor training and our instructors are excited to deliver this training if approved and we look forward to other possible opportunities in the future.

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